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3D Barrels & Poles

Event Divisions

Youth: Ages 18 and under

Open: Age 19 and older

2024 3-D Barrels

Compete for cash!

Generally held on Wednesday evenings at the CST arena, 3D Barrels and Poles is a super fun way to compete for jackpot money. All entrants pay the run fee, can buy "exhibition only" slots to practice with their horse, and can ride multiple horses if they choose (each horse/rider combination is treated as a separate "entry.") Based on the number of entrants, each D (Division) pays out jackpot earnings to the winners. Historically the 3D Barrels and 3D Poles have been run using 1 second splits between each division. For example, 1D (Division 1) starts with the fastest time of the evening in that age division, say a 18.0 seconds. Then 2D would start at 19.0, and 3D would start at 20.0. This format allows even beginning racers to join in the fun and have a chance at placing within a Division. Barrels are run first, with Poles run after all barrels age groups are completed. 

Barrel racer - dulcey-lima-1420173-unspl

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

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